Our values


 Zhu Nurain is a family-orientated business with the core aim of providing stress-free, step-by-step guidance and a fantastic experience to pilgrims from all nationalities and cultures. We pride ourselves in exceptional knowledge, passion, integrity and unparalleled pilgrim’s welfare throughout the various stages of the pilgrimage.

We are very confident in our services and what we do best. That is why we constantly improve and evolve through constructive client’s feedback and the use of the latest technologies in our operations. Our clients believe and support our core values and vision too. This is evident in their loyalty, through continuous patronage and recommendation of our services to others.

There is surely only one way to perform hajj mabroor with a respectable and reliable partner. That is only through us at  Zhu Nurain!

 Taqobbal’llahu Minna , wa min Kun.  Ameen

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