About Us

Zhu Nurain International is a family-orientated pilgrimage services firm. Our core aims include:

  1. Provision of affordable,
  2. Exceptional, and
  3. Unrivalled pilgrimage experience to our clients, irrespective of their budgets.

Our fundamental values are:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Passion
  3. Integrity, and
  4. Sincerity.

We have been providing Hajj & Umrah services and guidance to pilgrims since early 2000, before we became a company established by our Amir and principal consultant, Dr (Amir) M. N. Akinwunmi-Othman SFHEA. A well-known, well-travelled and well-versed figure among the Nigerian Muslim Community in London, United Kingdom (UK). ​He also engages actively in various Da’wah projects amongst different nationalities in various parts of the world. That is in addition to his scholarly pursuits.

At Zhu Nurain, we continuously guarantee and provide the assurances, satisfaction, and peace of mind, which every pilgrim expects and deserves throughout their pilgrimage experience. Our renewed commitments to excellent customer service ensures we provide prospective pilgrims with accurate guidance from the moment their reservations are made, throughout their journey and residency abroad, while undertaking the different phases of their pilgrimage rites.

We work with other reputable companies and organisations that hold licenses, accreditation, and memberships within the sector, in order to provide you with the best, while cutting out all intermediaries. We blend costs, comfort and convenience in all our packages, while we do not compromise on quality. These are reflected in our rates, which are among the most competitive in the industry.  Our services are second-to-none because we give our clients choices in hotel standards that are suited to all budgets. We also provide custom facilities for those with specific needs and one-to-one support.

Our services have been developed and are continuously refined through our clients’ feedback, to allow every pilgrim to experience the most exciting journey with Zhu Nurain. We are large enough to manage all nationalities and cultures. We have the capabilities to accommodate and meet individual requirements; as well as provide bespoke services that give comfort and peace of mind at all levels.

That is why our clients are loyal and keep recommending our services to others. There is only one way to perform hajj mabroor, and this is through Zhu Nurain!

Taqobbal’llahu minna,wa min kun… Amin